Melbourne University Medical Faculty Upgrade

Leading Plumbing Solutions are undertaking an incredible two month upgrade for Monash University’s Medical Faculty, fully equipping two complete levels of one of their major science and research buildings. The existing building needs to make way for more updated equipment, a higher number of students and access to specialised plumbing to accommodate their current and future learning programs. We are excited to be aligned with Monash University who support students from over 90 countries worldwide and are constantly at the forefront of medical breakthroughs.

Leading Plumbing Solutions will be fitting the two Monash University building levels with a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. We are also providing general plumbing, capping, sanitary outlets, trade waste, backflow prevention and the installation of the entire plumbing system in addition to performing the demolition. We are ensuring that we work at a speed that meets the project’s deadlines and allows other contracted trades to work seamlessly with us.

Leading Plumbing Solution have taken extra safety precautions on this project as the medical professors and the student body are either in sessions or attending tutorials in the immediate vicinity of the refurbishment. Our approach in large-scale projects such as these is – minimal disruption, maximum results. We thank Monash University for this opportunity and look forward to the next project on the horizon.