Civil Plumbing

Leading Plumbing Solutions specialises in civil plumbing in Melbourne.  As a civil plumber, we cater for a wide range of construction of stormwater, sewer water and gas infrastructure. Leading Plumbing Solutions is fully licensed to provide services in all areas of plumbing especially civil plumbing. 

Additional Civil Plumbing Services:

We also perform many additional civil plumbing services such as:

  • Repair and replace sewer mains
  • Repair and replace sewer house connection branches
  • Reset/adjust hydrant and value surrounds
  • Install water pressure limiting devices
  • HCB sewer jet/camera inspections
  • Street and Block flushing
  • Programmed works
  • After hours and weekend works



  • Asbestos cement pipe management procedures
  • 3rd party authority liaison
  • 'Dial before you dig' procedures
  • No dig methodologies
  • Permit to work systems
  • Pavement and road restorations
  • QHSE management systems

Our Civil Plumber Team Are Ready To:

We are a team of local civil plumbers in Melbourne. We are leaders in the market for civil plumbing services to water mains/hydrant and sewer situations. We are partnered with large scale utility organisations to manage a majority of Melbourne’s water and sewer requirements.

  • Renew water services
  • Reset/adjust hydrant and value surrounds
  • Repair burst and leaking water mains
  • Repair/replace defective water mains
  • Repair defective ferrules
  • Repair leaking hydrants
  • Repair leaking valves
  • Repair leaking/defective stop taps
  • New mains water and recycled water installations and maintenance
  • Sluice valve repairs and replacements
  • Complete main to meter water service installations and maintenance
  • Fire service installations and maintenance
  • Water service branch insertions (up to 300mm diameter)
  • Under pressure installations
  • Planned water network shutdown expertise