Drain Cleaning Melbourne
Drain Cleaning Melbourne
Drain Cleaning Melbourne


Leading Plumbing Solutions specialises in drain cleaning in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Blocked Drains and Blocked Pipes can create extraordinary issues, both internally and externally.  Each blockage has cause and effect circumstances and we’ll get to the heart of the problem quickly, determine a best-case scenario solution, activate an effective course of action, and create emergency overflows if necessary.




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Drain Clearing Solutions | Drain Cleaning in Melbourne

Leading Plumbing in Melbourne are your experts for Drain Cleaning and Drain Clearing Solutions, including:

  • Regular Servicing and Preventative Maintenance of Drains – for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Owners Corporation sites
  • Providing Assessments of Each Situation and Presenting Problem-Solving Options – including the use of CCTV Camera Technology
  • Attending to Emergency Blocked Drain Call-outs
  • Grease Trap Clearing
  • Water Jet and Vacuum Pipe Cleaning for Sewers, Stormwater and Box Culverts
  • Investigation, Detection and Resolutions for Flooding Issues – including overland flow issues from other adjoining properties and beyond, and Insurance Assessments
  • Tree Root, Dirt, Assorted Debris and Silt Blockages, and
  • Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) maintenance emergencies, on a programmed basis (or as required).

Blocked Drains and Pipes may have been damaged due to cracking, underground instability, natural disasters or simply wear and tear.  Left unchecked, the resulting issues can include a build-up of stagnant water, water back-up damage to your land and buildings, bacteria growth, pest infestations and mouldy/musty odours.

Stormwater Pits and Underground Pipes are notorious for becoming blocked without warning, and we have the capacity to literally ‘get to the root of the problem’ without delay.  This may involve areas that may be problematic due to skinny or restricted access, heavy and mature tree coverage, long-standing issues that have been neglected, and/or emergency situations where our plumbing expertise and state-of-the-art equipment will ensure the functionality of your drainage systems is restored as soon as possible.

Wherever viable, Leading Plumbing also has recycling, repurposing and removal strategies in place to protect the environment, increase the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources, and keep all of our worksites and attending personnel safe.  We also pride ourselves on being compliant with EPA and other associated regulations to protect Work Health and Safety at all times.

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