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Leading Plumbing specialises in non-destructive digging (hydro excavation) in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Excavating around utilities laid underground can necessitate sensitive methods of digging to ensure these pipe and cable services are not disturbed or mistakenly disabled.

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At Leading Plumbing in Melbourne, we have specialised equipment to apply a high-pressure water stream aimed at the area, and the surrounding waste/residue is then vacuumed away to expose the gas, water, electrical, sewer, stormwater and/or telecommunications lines below ground level.  This process is known as hydro-evacuation and it is less invasive and more cost-effective than traditional area clearing methods.  Rather than digging by hand, or with excavator machines, Leading Plumbing can safely and effectively complete all Non-Destructive Digging (hydro excavation) works without unnecessary environmental disturbance, the waste shall be removed from site (or relocated), and you will be free to proceed with required works – such as landscaping, structural repairs, trenching, post hole digging and so forth.

Our specialist non-destructive digging (hydro excavation) equipment includes:

  • 5000 psi Water Pressure Jets
  • 9000-litre Capacity Waste Removal Truck.
Non Destructive Digging Truck
Non Destructive Digging Solutions

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