Leading Plumbing Solutions specialises in underground location services with years of extensive experience in the field. Knowing where your underground utility pipes and cables are located is vitally important when new developments, property excavations and utility malfunction issues occur.

At Leading Plumbing we can identify where these essential services are, so that either repair works or digging in the general area can be deemed safe.  Backed by our other services (such as Non-Destructive Digging and Vacuum Loading) we’ll efficiently find your gas, water, electrical, sewer, stormwater and/or telecommunications lines below ground level.

For Underground Location Services Prior to Site Development

Your existing services may need to be upgraded, extended, or completely re-designed.  We have the technology and expertise to locate your underground utility lines, and then design the required changes, factoring in any relocation issues that might arise.

For Underground Locating Services Prior to Site Development

As outlined above, your existing underground utilities can be located and proven using Non-Destructive Digging and/or Vacuum Loading processes, prior to any extension, upgrade or re-design works.

Over the life of a property, underground infrastructure will have likely changed, so our expert Underground Locating Services capabilities will ensure accurate, safe and efficient management of planned below-ground works, before new or maintenance works take place – with much more potential that little or no disruption to business or home services operations will occur.

For Pre-Construction, During Construction and Post-Construction Services Location, you can count on our expertise and experience.  We will work with you to plan ahead, assess the connectivity points, pinpoint any possible issues with CCTV Camera technology, and get the job done.

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