Leading Plumbing in Melbourne offers a solid and liquid waste collection service that can be facilitated using a Vacuum Loading process.  Our 9000-litre capacity tanker/truck can efficiently remove, recycle and repurpose jobsite waste by taking it from its current position and moving the waste to another location.  This may involve moving the waste elsewhere on the same site, or transporting the extracted waste to another property altogether.

Vacuum Loading Melbourne




Vacuum Loading is particularly useful in restricted access areas, and it presents a more eco-friendly option than having to transport all site waste for dumping or disposal – especially if redistribution options for it are available on the existing worksite.

Our state-of-the-art Vacuum Loading equipment can be utilised to clear away:

  • Environmental and Industrial Spills
  • Unwanted Contents and Waste Deposits in Underground Storage Spaces (including Storage Tanks), Bins/Vats and Manholes
  • Displaced Sewerage
  • Stormwater Blockages
  • Concrete Slurries, and/or
  • Bricks, Concrete and Various Other Forms of Solid Matter (as deemed suitable).

We provide Certified Operators who are qualified to assess your situation and provide advice on disposal, recycling and repurposing solutions for your particular type of waste.  Your Waste Management Plan will be enacted using best-practise methods and in compliance with environmental, EPA and other associated regulations.

Please Note:  Some waste types (especially Hazardous and Non-Regulatory waste) may require expert, specialist assessments by external consultants.

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