Our plumbing tools and equipment include comprehensive machinery and specialist diagnostic tools. We approach our development and repair services using our technology to identify the main cause of a new or pre-existing issue.



With the aide of fibre-optic video cameras, we are able to clearly see the cause of the issue and pinpoint its location in order to perform the best repair solution. This technology can record images and replay them for the teams to inspect at a later date.

The CCTV systems that we use can survey pipes for up to 200 meters and can access pipes that are between 150 mm to 1800 mm in diameter.
All Leading Plumbing Solutions inspection reports are fully compliant with the Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA-05-2008, WSA05-2006 and the SEWRAT, Australian Conduit Condition Evaluation Manual.


This system blasts blockages with an incredibly powerful jet. This method is used in conjunction with other equipment in a range of clearing situations.
For example, there may be a large tree on site and the roots have obstructed the pipes. Our team use a heavy duty civil arbory tool with rotating blades to effortlessly remove even the toughest of obstructions like roots in a pipe or sewer line.


In the event of long standing trees and other invasions that may occur, we are able to effortlessly remove obstructions that have intruded in an existing pipe or sewer line with industrial rotating blades.


-Super Trucks
-10t tip trucks
-3t tip trucks
-1.7t Excavator
-2.5t Excavator
-3.0t Excavator
-5.0t Excavator
-8.0t Excavator
-13t Excavator
-22t Excavator
-Beaver tail truck
-Jet truck (drain cleaning)
-Jet van (drain cleaning)
-NDD truck
-CCTV cameras – various
-Demo saws
-Ridgid sewer rooters
-Relining equipment


Pipework that is relined is a durable, long-term and reliable solution to pipes that might be cracked, needing localised repairs or are leaking.Once done, it can extend the life of the pipes by up to 30 years.
The process of relining starts with an on-site inspection using our fibre-optic camera technology. Any repairs are done to the pipes after this inspection, so that the pipes are smooth and ready to be lined.