Our plumbing tools and equipment include comprehensive machinery and specialist diagnostic tools. We approach our development and repair services using our technology to identify the main cause of a new or pre-existing issue.


Video Camera Inspections

With the aide of fibre-optic video cameras, we are able to clearly see the cause of the issue and pinpoint its location in order to perform the best repair solution. This technology can record images and replay them for the teams to inspect at a later date.

Hydro Jetting

This system blasts blockages with an incredibly powerful jet. This method is used in conjunction with other equipment in a range of clearing situations.

Industrial Arbory Blade

In the event of long standing trees and other invasions that may occur, we are able to effortlessly remove obstructions that have intruded in an existing pipe or sewer line with industrial rotating blades.

Our equipment

In addition to investing in our team and developing their skills, we equip them with the latest machinery which are all fully maintained to the industry service standards. These include:

  • Excavators 1.9T, 2T, 3T, 5.5T, 8T, 13T
  • High-pressure sewer jetters
  • CCTV Camera & locator
  • Directional Boring
  • Demo saws & jackhammers
  • Location equipment
  • Sewer snakes
  • Whackers
  • Flex Drivers
  • Freeze kits
  • Beaver tail truck
  • Bob cats
  • Service vehicles with surface pros

Underground Boring

Specialty underground boring equipment.