We are proud to announce that Leading Plumbing Solutions is the supplier of choice to Lend Lease who have enlisted Leading Plumbing Solutions to service South East Water’s requirements. Lend Lease is the main partner for South East Water and are one of the largest project managers and construction, real estate and developers in Australia.

This four year project, starting in 2016, was won as a result of the relationship with Lend Lease and from a referral that was given through the services we carry out for another leading water supplier in Melbourne.

Leading Plumbing Solutions are tasked to supply reactive maintenance and sewage services to South East Water which spans across the southern and lower eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We had no hesitation in expanding our operations and ensured our dedicated on-site team are available for every eventuality and are committed to this long term service arrangement.

Leading Plumbing Solutions were chosen to carry out services for South East Water because of our thoroughness, dedication to delivering solid quality of services and our firm attitude to ensuring the highest levels of safety have secured our relationship with South East Water and Lend Lease.