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Civil Plumbing –
Medium Density Services

  • Licensed Plumbing team competent to assist in design of sewer, water, gas, storm water as per AS3500
  • Sewer construction and testing in Industrial and MD projects
  • Construction of hydraulic services including hot & cold water and hydrostatic testing
  • Installation of water meter assemblies as per MRWA 500 Series
  • Stormwater construction as per AS3500
  • Construction of gas services and testing
  • Installation of complex meter assemblies as per ESV regulations
  • Construction of fire services including hydrants and hose reels
  • Construction of trade waste drainage and grease traps
  • Live tapin connections

Civil Plumbing –
Medium Density Projects

Leading Plumbing Solutions provides specialised civil plumbing services to customers. Their team is highly skilled and trained in all types of plumbing, making them well equipped to handle any project with ease. They specialise in constructing infrastructure for medium-density and industrial projects which includes sewer, water, gas, stormwater and fire services.

The plumbing services they offer include licensed plumbing teams who can assist in the design of sewer, water, gas, and storm water systems. They have the competence to construct and test sewer systems in industrial and medium-density projects. Additionally, they offer the installation of water meter assemblies, stormwater construction, gas services construction and testing, complex meter assembly installations, fire services construction such as hydrants and hose reels, trade waste drainage and grease traps, and live tapin connections.