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Industrial Plumbing Services

  • Oxygen Lines
  • Nitrogen Lines (purge welding)
  • Stainless Steel Pipework
  • Roofing
  • Compressed Airlines
  • Drainage/trade waste
  • Machine Relocations (turnkey)
  • Electric/pneumatic actuator valves
  • Grease traps
  • Portable bathroom fit outs
  • Plastic Extruding Machines (and associated pipework)
  • Servicing ability across all large-scale factories and warehouses

Industrial Plumbing

Leading Plumbing Solutions is a company that focuses on providing industrial plumbing services in Melbourne. They have a team of industrial plumbers who specialise in large-scale contracted plumbing services within the industrial sector. They carry out a variety of water management analyses to ensure that remedial work is carried out and that a robust check system is in place for long-term sustainability.

The company’s industrial plumbers in Melbourne are committed to working on-time and on-budget. They have developed a solid reputation for providing emergency service assistance, with their teams available for 24-hour shifts to meet manufacturing deadlines and delivery expectations. They are fully trained to carry out scheduled preventative maintenance and ensure that their work meets the highest level of Australian industry service standards.

In addition to providing contracted plumbing services, Leading Plumbing Solutions also offers specialist installations for industrial plants. These include pump installation, chemical pipework (Class 1, Zone 1), thermostatic mixing valves, dimple jacketed conveying pipework, heat jacketed conveying pipework, gas line installation, backflow prevention installation and testing, and steam pipe installation (with associated valves and equipment).

The company’s assessments include analysing plant water usage, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of services, performing initial general plant maintenance, and setting up programmed and preventative plant maintenance programs. All these services are designed to help industrial clients optimise their plumbing systems for long-term sustainability and efficiency.